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About Us


The establishment of the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre is the result of a partnership approach to reducing waste and improving environmentally sustainable options for the Whanganui community

Wanganui District Council’s Waste Minimisation and Environment Working Party, which was formed in 2011, investigated the possibility of establishing a resource recovery centre. This followed suggestions by Sustainable Whanganui that such a centre would be a better way of dealing with waste and offering more sustainable practices.

The Working Party developed a business plan which assessed possible business partners as well as establishment and operational costs. The business plan identified that a partnership with Tupoho Whanau Trust was the ideal way to deliver the new service and that funding to set up the centre could be available through the Ministry for the Environment’s Waste Minimisation Fund.

As a result of the Working Party’s report, in July 2012 the Wanganui District Council agreed to establish and govern a resource recovery centre in partnership with Tupoho Whanau Trust.

The Council also decided to close the existing recycling centre in Peat Street when the new centre opened and to use the funds from that operation, as well as waste levy funds, to run the resource recovery centre.

The partnership

A charitable trust, the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre Trust, has been established with five trustees comprising two from Wanganui District Council, two from Tupoho Whanau Trust and one community representative.

The partnership deed has strategic significance for Iwi and the Council as we join to deliver the first of many potential partnership initiatives to benefit the Whanganui community. The deed upholds the shared values – nga tikanga – that underpin the relationship document between Te Runanga o Tupoho and Wanganui District Council (2011-2015).

This partnership also contributes towards the Council’s family-friendly vision to develop community partnerships to provide economic, social and environmental outcomes for our district.


As well as contributions by Tupoho, Council and Sustainable Whanganui, other funding sources have been found:

  • Waste levy funds which are generated from national landfill levies and distributed to councils for waste minimisation projects, such as the resource recovery centre.
  • A grant of $405,000 from the Ministry for the Environment’s waste fund which significantly contributed to the building of the centre.

What we aim to achieve

  • The resource recovery centre assists progress towards the ultimate aim of reduced costs to households, while also better managing our community’s waste.
  • The centre ensures environmentally sustainable practices are available for the Whanganui community by providing easy, accessible, attractive, efficient and cost-effective services.
  • We are moving towards the Waste Management and Minimisation Plan’s goal of 60% reduction in waste to landfill by 2015 through providing better services, seeking better costs and encouraging better use of services.
  • The centre aligns with the aims of the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 and the New Zealand Waste Strategy.